Evidence Manager Tutorial:

Changing Device Properties from the On-screen Display


Evidence Manager supports remote configuration of devices to which it can connect. Because maintenance teams no longer require physical access to devices in order to configure them, configuration becomes quicker, and the workload of the maintenance staff is reduced.

NOTE: On-screen Display Access

This procedure only describes how to access the on-screen display of a device. Once opened, use it just as you will when you physically connect the device to a computer. If you upload the device firmware, the device appears offline till the upload completes.


To configure a device:

  1. Log in to Evidence Manager.
  2. Expand Devices, find the device you want to configure, and make sure it is connected.
  3. Right-click this device, and click Open Device Configuration. A browser opens for accessing the on-screen display.
  1. Enter the login credentials, and click Log in.
  2. Perform the configuration, following instructions in device-specific guides available at: https://community.safefleet.net/


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