Evidence Manager Tutorial:

Using Maps to Track Vehicle Positions


If a device has the capability of recording GPS data, Evidence Manager can use this GPS data to track the position of the vehicle in which the device was fitted. The visual tracking of the vehicle is done using the map feature. When Evidence Manager connects to the internet, it reads the map of your local area from https://www.openstreetmap.org/about, and displays it in the Map View window.

The position of the vehicle is displayed on this map. As the vehicle travels, the GPS sensor of the device captures information about multiple vehicle positions. Evidence Manager uses this information to track the journey of the vehicle.

Maps can be zoomed at 16 different zoom levels for easy viewing of the vehicle’s location. Evidence Manager uses the metadata and coordinates associated with a live or recorded video to trace the position of a vehicle. If needed, you can clear the previous route of a vehicle (represented by tracking lines).

NOTE: Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is only available on live videos and videos that play at normal speed. To update the offline map, contact the Seon Technical Support team (service@seon.com, +1-844-899-7366) for an offline map file. The updated map will typically have the .gmdb extension.


To work with Maps:

  1. Log in to Evidence Manager.
  2. Open a video. For more information, see Opening Videos.
  3. On the bottom-left pane, click the maximize icon () to open the map. The vehicle location is displayed at zoom-level 8.
  4. Use the zooming capability of the map:
    • To zoom in on the map, right-click within the map, and then click Zoom In.
    • To zoom out of the map, right-click within the map, and then click Zoom Out.
  1. To display a centered map, click View > Keep Map Centered.
  1. If needed, update the offline maps:
    1. Click Tools > Update Offline Maps.
    2. Navigate to, and select the offline Google map that you obtained from the Seon Technical Support team.
    3. Click Open.
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