Evidence Manager Tutorial:

Setting up the SMTP Server


As an administrator, you can use the Settings option to set up an SMTP server for Evidence Manager. Once the SMTP server is configured, Evidence Manager communicates with this SMTP server over the default port 25 to send emails to intended recipients in the following situations:

  • A new user account is created
  • An existing user account is modified
  • The configuration of a device using a configuration file either completes, or fails
  • An upgrade of the device either completes, or fails


To set up the SMTP server:

  1. Log in to Evidence Manager.
  2. Go to Tools > Settings. The Settings window appears.
  3. Click the System tab.
  4. Do the following:
  1. Connect to devices by hostname: Select this checkbox to use the hostname of the SMTP server to connect to devices.
  2. Server: If the previous check box is selected, enter the IP address or the hostname of the server.
  3. Port: Enter or select the port that Evidence Manager will use while communicating with the SMTP server. The default value is 25.
  4. Username: Enter the username for accessing the SMTP server.
  5. Password: Enter the password associated with this username.
  6. SSL: Select this checkbox to enable the SSL protocol for communication between Evidence Manager and the SMTP server.
  • Click OK.
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