Evidence Manager Tutorial:

Getting to Know Evidence Manager


Evidence Manager is a unified video management software platform capable of remote device management, video review, and evidence gathering. It allows users to view live and recorded videos, manage devices & monitor their health, as also create evidence files necessary for legal matters. As a unified platform, it provides support for both Seon recorders, as well as MobileView recorders.

Evidence Manager is installed on a Windows computer, and it can be installed in an enterprise or a standalone environment. It works with Depot Manager, which is a depot and device management software.

To know more about Depot Manager, read the Depot Manager User Guide, available at https://community.safefleet.net/

Evidence Manager supports the following devices:

MobileView Devices

  • MobileView III
  • MobileView 3000 series:
    • 3004
    • 3008
    • 3012
  • MobileView 7000 series:
    • 7001
    • 7001H

Other Devices

  • TX8
  • NX16
  • H-series:
    • NH16 and NH16K
    • TH series: TH4C, TH4, TH6, and TH8
    • DH Series: DH4 and DH4C
  • TL series: TL2, TL4, and TLHD
  • DX Series: DX12 and DXHD

Note: Evidence Manager vs Navigator

MobileView Navigator is now rebranded as Evidence Manager. Going forward, Safe Fleet will no longer use the name MobileView Navigator.

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