Evidence Manager Tutorial 01:

Getting to Know Evidence Manager


CH1: Overview

CH2: Configuring Evidence Manager

CH3: Managing Devices

CH4: Managing Docking Stations

CH5: Managing Evidence

CH:6 Using Evidence Player

CH7: EM Redaction

CH8: Reference Reads


Note: Evidence Manager vs Navigator

MobileView Navigator is now rebranded as Evidence Manager. Going forward, Safe Fleet will no longer use the name MobileView Navigator.

Evidence Manager is a unified video management software platform capable of remote device management, video review, and evidence gathering. It allows users to view live and recorded videos, manage devices & monitor their health, as also create evidence files necessary for legal matters. As a unified platform, it provides support for both Seon recorders, as well as MobileView recorders.

Evidence Manager is installed on a Windows computer, and it can be installed in an enterprise or a standalone environment. It works with Depot Manager, which is a depot and device management software.

To know more about Depot Manager, read the Depot Manager User Guide, available at https://community.safefleet.net/

Evidence Manager support the following devices:

Seon devices

  • TH4C, TH4, TH6, and TH8
  • TX8
  • NX16
  • DXHD
  • TLHD, TL2, and TL4
  • MXHD

MobileView Devices

  • 3004, 3008, and 3012
  • 7001, and 7001H

Understanding Modes

Evidence Manager is operated in: the Client (or the Connected) Mode and the Standalone Mode.

Client Mode

In the Client Mode, Evidence Manager is initiated from Depot Manager. When you click a link (representing a video) within Depot Manager, Evidence Manager opens, and starts playing the video.

The term “client” refers to the fact that Evidence Manager is opened from Depot Manager.

If Evidence Manager initiated in the Client Mode is on the same computer as Depot Manager, it cannot auto-discover devices. You must then add devices, if necessary. If however, Depot Manager and Evidence Manager are on different computers, Evidence Manager can auto-discover other devices.

Standalone Mode

In the Standalone Mode, Evidence Manager is opened as a separate application, which is started only after you log in. It auto-discovers devices, and has a small database where user account and device information is stored.

The term “standalone” refers to the fact that Evidence Manager can be opened as an independent application.

In the Standalone Mode, Evidence Manager is installed on individual computers, typically belonging to reviewers. The primary aim of the Standalone Mode is to enable the review of, and the creation of evidence files.

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