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This page is where you can find training and documentation resources for DVMS. We created this page to be a central location for resources like the latest product news, release notes, user and installation guides, and more.

If you are a DVMS customer, be sure to bookmark this page to remain up to date with the latest training and support content.

  • Version for customer acceptance testing: 4.5.0
  • Version for general availability: 4.4.0

Latest DVMS News

Version 4.5.0 is available for customer acceptance testing!

DVMS 4.5.0 has just been launched, along with this dedicated product page on Safe Fleet Community. Stay tuned to this section for future product updates as they become available.

Version 4.4.0 is generally available!

Version 4.4.0 is now generally available. The Release Notes will be available via email. 

DVMS Support Resources

In this section, you’ll find our DVMS support and training resources. This section was designed to give you the most relevant documentation and support content for DVMS. As new documents or software updates get released, you’ll find the latest content in one of the tiles below.

DVMS Resources

Here are a collection of user & install guides for DVMS. We’ve focused this section on DVMS documentation only.

  • DVMS Release Notes

Focus Assignment Tool Resources

Here, you will find the Focus Assignment Tool installers, as well as documents related to the Focus Assignment Tool.

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DVMS Questions & Answers

Here, you will find Frequently Asked Questions, as well as the DVMS Knowledge Base. KB articles are written to provide troubleshooting instructions for commonly asked technical questions, whereas FAQs typically don't have detailed instructions or troubleshooting steps.

We are working on adding to the list of KB articles. If you have questions you would like to see added to the FAQs list, use the Submit a question here option to let us know.

KB Articles and Tutorials

Here, you will find a collection of DVMS KB articles and training resources.

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    There are no tutorials right now, but stay tuned for future updates.


Do you support the earlier DVMS versions?

Yes, we do, up to version 4.1. If you experienced issues on version 4.2 or earlier, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest update on the 4.4 version. 

Can you list the previous supported versions?

In addition to the current version, we are actively supporting the following DVMS builds. Please contact the SFLE Support Team if you need to update to a previous version.

  • DVMS 4.3.1
  • DVMS 4.2
    • DVMS (BOClient): 4.2.1021
    • MobileRecorder: 4.2.X
  • DVMS 4.1
    • DVMS (BOClient): 4.1.1017
What are the primary services of DVMS 4.1 that you support?

In addition to the current version, we are actively supporting the following DVMS builds. Please contact the SFLE Support Team if you need to update to a previous version.

  • CobanPostFTP:
  • CobanPostFTPFusion:
  • CobanRemote:
  • CobanWatchSQL:
  • CobanServerDateTime:
  • DRTransfer: 3.4.0002
  • MobileRecorder: (Except TopCam G2 which remains
Do I require a tool to upload videos from Focus X1 to DVMS?

Yes, you require the DVMS FOCUS X1 Workstation Uploader to transfer videos and snapshots from the Focus X1 BWC to DVMS.

Current supported version: 4.2.1031 for customers running 4.2 or later.  This version resolves the Windows UAC prompt.

Do I require a tool to upload videos from the Echo Camera to DVMS?

Yes, you require the DVMS Echo Workstation Uploader to upload videos and snapshots from the Echo Camera to DVMS.

Supported versions of the DVMS Echo Workstation Uploader:

  • 4.2.1003 (versions 4.x)
  • 3.4.7311 (versions 3.4.x)
Can system administrators delete videos?

No, they cannot. If a video is no longer required, system administrators can change its event type to "Default". The video will be deleted following the retention policy that is set for the "Default" event type.

Is there a way to force a reason for accessing videos, and have this reason included in the chain of custody?

No, there is no way to force a reason for accessing videos. However, all user actions on a video are written to the chain of custody logs.

How do the changes I make using the in-car unit set up screen get saved?

If you make changes to the vehicle settings template, the changes will be saved once the unit has successfully uploaded the videos and the drive has been checked out for the next shift.

Do I need to purchase wiring for connecting peripheral devices?

Refer to the installation manual for wiring schematics. Each peripheral device will have to be hardwired, and then configured in the vehicle template/peripherals section.

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