DS2 Product Bulletin – SD Card Failures


DS2 does not support SD cards formatted on other devices, such as personal computers or digital cameras.

Use newly purchased, unformatted SD cards.

Customers have experienced issues attempting to access video recorded on SD cards that have been used in non-DS2 equipment.

To ensure the DS2 player recognizes video, start with brand new SD cards that have not been used with other devices. Do not format SD cards for Microsoft Windows (or any other operating system) prior to installation. When you insert a new card, DS2 automatically formats the card.


If in doubt about a card’s device history, you can use the Format SD Card feature in the DS2 Configuration Smartphone App. Warning: this erases any existing information on the card (for more information, please see the DS2 Quick Installation and Setup Guide).

If you encounter issues with video playback, contact Seon Technical Support to recover information from your card.

  • Monday – Friday 8 am – 7 pm EST 
  • Phone: 1.844.899.7366
  • Email: service@seon.com

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