Depot Manager Tutorial 27:

Creating Maintenance Reports


Depot Manager can create reports for two main categories of data: maintenance and evidence. Maintenance reports are used by maintenance and administrative personnel to observe and report fleet-wide device maintenance issues.

You can create reports for past events, and create report subscriptions to regularly receive emailed reports in the future. The report subjects are not configurable. For a report request, you can select the depot and enter start and end dates.

Creating Maintenance Reports

You can search for certain maintenance data for a specific time period, for specific depots, and then create reports. This is useful for tracking device activity such as a failed disk or vehicles with cameras with video loss. After creating the reports, you can download the .csv and/or .pdf files.

  • Click Reports > Maintenance to open the Maintenance Report window.
  • Select a Depot from the drop-down menu, or click the selection box to select All Depots.
  • Click the Start Date and End Date fields to open a calendar for entering start and end dates, then click Search. Depot Manager displays the results in bar graphs. Maintenance search results include the following data:
    • Health
    • Health by Date
    • Vehicles with Cameras in Video Loss
    • Vehicles with Disk Failed
    • Vehicles with No Disk
    • Vehicles with Disk Over Temperature
    • Vehicles with Fan Failed
    • No Check Ins for 7+ Days
    • Vehicles Not Recording

To see specific results, click the correlating tab. For example, click on the Disk Failed tab to see a list of devices that experienced failed disks during the specified period.

Downloading Report Results

After creating a report, you can download the results in .csv and/or .pdf file formats.

  • Click the .csv button to download a .csv file.
  • Click the .pdf button to download a .pdf file.

Creating Maintenance Reports Schedule

You can also create email subscriptions so that users automatically receive regular emails of the maintenance reports.

  1. Click Reporting > Subscriptions to open the Email Subscriptions window.
  2. Click + to open the Add Subscription window.
  3. Select a depot from the Depot drop-down menu, or click the selection box to select All Depots.
  1. Click the selection box for Maintenance Report.
  2. Enter a Description, if desired.
  3. Click the Occurrence drop-down menu to select how often to send the reports. Select from DailyWeekly, or Monthly.
  4. Enter an Occurrence Time. This is the time when the report is generated, and then emailed to the selected recipients.
  5. Select a File Type from the drop-down menu. Select from .csv.pdf, or Both.
  6. Click the selection box to Include download for all users, if desired.
  7. Enter the email addresses in the Email address list for the desired recipients of the reports. Separate the email addresses with commas.
  8. Click Save.