Depot Manager Tutorial 25:

working with Camera Checks


When devices/cameras are first connected, Depot Manager takes reference “camera check” images of the camera’s field of view. These images are then used in the future for confirming that the camera has not been tampered with or moved accidentally. If a problem is detected, maintenance personnel can create a maintenance case to address it. You can also configure Depot Manager to create camera checks at regular times to ensure the camera’s operations. You can also configure Depot Manager to email those camera checks to specified users.

Scheduling Automatic Camera Checks

  1. Click Administration > Depots then select Settings from the drop-down menu next to the desired device to open the Settings – [depot name] window.
  2. Click the Camera Checks tab on the Settings – [depot name] window to open the Camera Checks window.
  3. Under Keep camera checks data for, enter how many days Depot Manager keeps camera check data. This affects storage space.
  4. Click the checkbox next to Enable to enable Automated Camera Checks.
  1. Configure the Schedule.
    1. Enter how many Times per day camera checks should be done, and how often, in days.
    2. Enter a Start Time and an End Time, in hours:minutes:seconds.
    3. Enter email addresses, separated by commas, in the Email notification list for the people who should receive email alerts for these camera checks.
    4. Click Save.

Viewing Camera Checks

In the Camera Checks window, users can review all camera checks and note, with a negative rating, the ones that fail. They can then create a maintenance case to assign those failed cameras to maintenance to address.

  1. Click Maintenance > Camera Checks to open the Camera Checks window.
  2. Select a depot from the Depot drop-down menu, or click the selection box to select All Depots.
  3. Enter a device name in the Device Title field.
  4. Click in the Date taken field to open a calendar. Select a date from the calendar.
  5. Click the Status checkboxes to include camera checks that Failed and/or were Reviewed.
  6. Click Search. Depot Manager generates a list of devices that meet the search criteria.
  7. Compare the camera images, then either approve or disapprove. You can approve/disapprove by entire vehicle or by individual camera.