Depot Manager Tutorial 24:

Log Files for Maintenance


Log files are important as they show any device issues (device log) as well as user activity (audit log).

Creating a Log File for a Certain Device

Maintenance personal use device logs to find and track device issues. Every day, Depot Manager devices upload their logs to the storage system. Then maintenance personal can create a log file to find device issues and use those log files to monitor the progress.

  1. Click Devices on the main menu to open the Device window.
  2. Select Get device log from server from the drop-down menu next to the desired device. You are given the choice of opening the log file or saving it to a local device.

Creating an Audit Log

Audit logs show user activity.

  1. Click Administration > Logging > Audit Logs to open the Audit Logs window. By default, Depot Manager displays a list of all recent audit activities.
  2. Select Start and End dates/times, then select an audit type and click Search to filter the list for a specific type of audit activity.
  3. Click the downward-pointing arrow to download the audit file to your local computer.

Creating a System Log

System logs show download errors, warnings, and all messages important for technical support and maintenance.

  1. Click Administration > Logging > System Logs to open the System Logs window.
  2. Select a depot from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select a log from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select to filter messages from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Download Log to save or open a text file of the log.

Configuring Log Settings

You can configure how long Depot Manager retains log files before deleting them. Deleting unnecessary log files will increase storage space.

  1. Click Depots > Settings > Logs to open the Logs configuration tab.
  2. Enter in Keep device logs for, in days, how many days Depot Manager should keep logs before automatically deleting them.
  3. Enter under Automatic Email the email addresses, separated by commas, for the people who should receive email alerts when Depot Manager is going to delete log files.