Depot Manager Tutorial 23:

Configuring Email Settings for Diagnostics


Configure these settings to send emails when a device issue occurs, such as camera video loss or disk over temperature. Before Depot Manager can automatically send emails, you must configure the SMTP settings.

  1. Navigate to Depots > Settings > Diagnostics to open the Depot Diagnostics configuration tab.
  2. Click to select what events trigger an email notification.
  3. Enter email address in the Email notification list field (separating addresses with commas), then click Save.

WARNING: Changing the Video Repository Path

You must restart the Depot Server Service on depots for which you have changed the primary or secondary video repository path. The DATA files must be manually moved from the old Video Repository to the new Video Repository.

Replicating Depots

  1. Click Depots to open the Depot window.
  2. Click the drop-down menu arrow next to the device you want to replicate, then select Replicate Now. A message appears confirming that the system has sent a request to begin the synchronization for replication.

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