Depot Manager Tutorial 18:

Downloading Flagged Events


Flagged events are events on the recorder that are waiting to be downloaded. Events might be waiting to be downloaded if the automatic download option is not selected for a device. This page displays the events that are waiting for a user confirmation before the downloading begins.

  1. Click Evidence > Flagged Events to open the Flagged Events window.
  2. Select the depot from the depot drop-down menu.
  3. Enter a device title.
  1. Select a Time Created range from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter a task title, and then click Search. Depot Manager generates a list of flagged events that meet the search criteria.
  3. Click to select a task title from the list of flagged events, then click + to schedule a video download. The Schedule Video Download window appears.
  4. Enter Device Names.
  5. Add a short description in the Task Name field.
  6. Select a Category. See Working with Evidence  if you need to add a category.
  7. Enter a Case ID.
  8. Use the Start Time and End Time fields to select the date and time for the requested video.
  9. Select a Priority.
  10. Select a Video – Download Quality. Use the Alternate Stream for faster downloading.
  11. Enable Audio if audio is downloaded and is available on the vehicle.
  12. Specify Email notification list settings.
  13. Click Save.