Depot Manager Tutorial 17:

Downloading Video


Video is stored on the in-vehicle devices, and can be quickly and easily downloaded and archived to the video download storage on the central server through a wireless network. Downloading can be either automatic or scheduled. Downloading events that contain evidence, without removing hard drives, improves fleet operation and reduces manpower.

Use Depot Manager Navigator to view, edit, and save the downloaded video.

Configuring Video Download Settings

Before downloading video to the video download storage on the central server, you should configure the following settings, which can affect the video download speed and quality. These settings include the number of simultaneous downloads allowed, the number of allowed retry attempts, email notifications for automatic downloads, and the use of primary stream (higher quality, larger files) or secondary streams (lower quality, smaller files).

  1. Click Administration > Depots to open the Depot Management window.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the desired device, then select Settings. The Settings – [depot name] window opens.
  3. Click to select the Download Video tab.
  4. Click the checkbox to protect/unprotect tagged video on the recorder when video has been successfully uploaded to the server.
  5. Enter values for each of the following fields:
    • How many simultaneous downloads are allowed.
    • How many retry attempts are allowed when an interruption occurs.
    • The length of delay after an interruption occurs.
    • How many minutes have to be missing from a download for the video to be tagged “Partially Completed”.
  1. Select if primary or secondary video streams are used with auto downloads for events created on the DVR. For, example, the System Administrator might want to save a 10-minute clip every time someone pushes the tag button.
    • Primary downloads are higher quality and larger in size.
    • The alternate stream is low quality and smaller in size.
  1. Enter the email addresses for people to get notifications when downloads start, end, and/or fail.
  2. Click Save.

Configuring Automatic Download Settings

Ensure that these configurations are as described below to turn on automatic downloads. When automatic downloads are enabled, Depot Manager will automatically transfer tagged events from the recorders to the server. You can configure how often Depot Manager checks for tagged events.

  1. Go to Devices.
  2. If Auto D/L is not enabled (set to Yes), then click to select the device and click the Auto D/L toggle.

Creating/Scheduling a Video Download

To download video to the central server, you must schedule a video download. You can schedule downloads from individual devices or from many devices, which is called a bulk download.

NOTE: Permissions

You must have the correct permissions to create video download requests.

Scheduling Video Download Requests

  1. Click Create New > Video Download, then click + to open the Schedule Video Download window.
  2. Enter Device Names.
  3. Add a short description in the Task Name field.
  4. Select a Category. See Working with Evidence if you need to add a category.
  5. Enter a Case ID.
  6. Use the Start Time and End Time fields to select the date and time for the requested video.
  7. Select a Priority.
  8. Select a Video – Download Quality. Use the Alternate Stream for faster downloading.
  9. Enable Audio if audio is downloaded and is available on the vehicle.
  10. Specify Email notification list settings.
  11. Click Save.

Scheduling Bulk Video Downloads

If you have multiple videos that you want to download, you can use the Bulk Download feature to schedule multiple downloads. This feature allows users to create video requests via an Excel file.

  1. Click Evidence > Video Downloads to open the Video Downloads window.
  2. Click the Schedule Video Downloads button to open the Schedule bulk downloads window.
  3. Click Download sample CSV template to download a sample .csv template. A .csv template downloads to your local computer.
  1. Open the template in Excel, and enter the required information. Save the template.
  2. Go back to Depot Manager, and click Evidence > Video Downloads.
  3. Click Browse and navigate to the .csv file, then click Schedule bulk downloads. The list of video requests is entered, in bulk, into Depot Manager.

Synchronous Downloading

Synchronous downloading is useful for downloading video from all channels at the same time.

  1. Click + above the results pane to open the Schedule Video Download window.
  2. Enter Device Names and Task Name, and Case ID, select a CategoryStart and End Times, Priority, and Audio Inclusion.
  3. Select a Video – Download Quality. Use the alternate stream for faster downloading.
  4. Specify any other requirements.
  5. Click Save.