Depot Manager Tutorial 16:

Viewing Live Video and Sharing Snapshots


Viewing live video opens the MobileView Navigator viewer in Depot Manager. From that window, you can email a link that contains a snapshot of the currently viewed video or view a link that can be copied and sent. This video cannot be manipulated (i.e. edited); it can only be viewed.

Viewing Live Video

  1. Click Devices on the main menu to open the Devices window.
  2. Click the drop-down list next to the desired device, and then select Show Live Video to view live video. Live video plays in the viewing pane.
  3. Click Back to list to return to the previous page.

Sharing a Snapshot via Email

This method of sharing video evidence allows users to avoid the time-consuming effort of navigating through the menus and finding and opening the player. It is a fast way to share and view evidence.

It also allows users on external systems to access the video feed.

  1. Click Email to open the Email Snapshots confirmation window.
  1. Enter email addresses and comments, as required, then click Send.

Sharing a Snapshot Link

  1. Click Share to open the Share Link window.
  1. Select and copy the link, then click OK to close the Share Link window.