Depot Manager Tutorial 13:

Configuring General System Settings


General system settings affect options for the entire network of depot servers. For example, changing the SMTP values in General System Settings assures the settings are used for all corresponding servers.

General System Settings Tabs

Click Administration > Settings to open the General System Settings window.

There are four tabs in the General System Settings window that allow you to make the following configurations:

  • Administration: Select to use a host name to connect to devices. The depot replication interval is used to configure the timing interval and depot replication, and is set in minutes.
  • SMTP: Use these settings to configure the server to enable email notifications. This is the central SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email address for all servers.
  • Cellular: Use these settings to restrict device activity, resulting in reduced cellular traffic and costs.
  • Audit: Use these settings to configure how long audit data is saved, in days. Use this log for tracking and monitoring user activity in the system. The maximum number of days for saving audit data is 365 days.

Configuring Depot Manager to use a Host Name to Connect to Devices

Devices are often connected by IP addresses. The following procedures allow connection by a host name.

  1. Select the check box next to Connect to devices by host name on the Administration tab in the General Systems Settings window.
  2. Enter a length of time (in minutes) in the Depot Replication Interval field to allow depot replication to occur when the server is not busy. Entering 0 for replication turns it off.
  3. Click Save.

Configuring Cellular Settings

If DM discovers the devices through a remote cellular network, these settings restrict device activity, resulting in reduced cellular traffic and costs. reduced cellular traffic and costs. For example, while on a cellular network, Depot Manager can restrict the downloading of large video files while it continues to transfer health and location information. When the device returns to the depot, Depot Manager reconnects to the local wireless and then downloads the video files.

  1. Click Cellular to open the Cellular on the General System Settings window.
  2. Enter (in seconds) how often the device synchronizes when it checks in.
  3. Click to activate/deactivate the Cellular Synchronization Features.
    Turning a feature ON (activating it) means the associated operation is carried out over a cellular connection to remote devices; leaving a feature OFF means the operation will only be carried out when Depot Manager is connected to devices within local wireless range, which reduces cellular traffic and costs.
  4. Click Save.

IMPORTANT: Rebooting after changing cellular settings

If you change any of the cellular settings, you must reboot the Depot Manager Remote Server Services for the changes to activate.