Depot Manager Tutorial 09:

Adding a Depot


Adding a depot is known as depot provisioning. Using the Provisioning tab under Administration, you can install the software package onto the remote server. After the software is installed, the depot automatically appears in the depot list. This is especially important when multiple depots are going to replicate back to this system and/or when you are provisioning multiple servers at different locations. Do not use this option unless remote matching is going to act as a depot server and a license key is available.

  1. Click Administration > Provisioning to open the Remote Depot Provisioning window.
  2. Click Download Now, and then follow the prompts to save the installer to your local hard drive, then run the server installation file on the new server.

NOTE: Permissions

Users must have permission to manage system settings for a single or multiple depots. See Creating User Permissions or Creating User Groups on User Groups and Permissions for configuring permissions.