Depot Manager Tutorial 08:

Integrating Active Directory Users and Groups

Active Directory Security Mode

Depot Manager can integrate Active Directory security mode users and user groups. Users who log into Depot Manager with their Active Directory username and password can be assigned permissions inside Depot Manager using group permissions. After enabling Active Directory, the system disables all local Depot Manager user accounts. Users who need to use the system will need to be added to the appropriate group in Active Directory.

NOTES: Active Directory

  • User accounts are disabled after 120 days of no log ons.
  • Active Directory cannot be used until it is enabled.
  • Group names in the Active Directory must exactly match the group names in Depot Manager, including spaces, capital letters, and special characters.

A Configure the Active Directory settings to ensure the connection with Depot Manager.

  1. Create group names that exactly match the group names in Depot Manager.
  2. Assign users to groups in Active Directory according to their job roles.
  3. Ensure that at least one user is in the Depot Manager Administrators group.

B Configure the Depot Manager administration settings to connect with the Active Directory domain.

  1. Click Administration > Users and Groups > Security Mode. The Security Mode window opens.
  2. Select Use Active Directory Authentication, then enter the Default Domain.
  3. Click Save.

C Log out and log on again. Use a domain account with administrator rights for Depot Manager.

D Assign group permissions as required.

  1. Click Administration > Users and Groups > User Groups. The User Group Management window opens.
  2. Select Edit from the drop-down menu next to the desired group name in the User Group Management window. The Edit [groupname] window appears.
  3. Select permissions for the group, then click Save.