Depot Manager Tutorial 06:

Users and Permissions


Security credentials are used to log onto Depot Manager, and provide users access to information appropriate for their roles. In addition to individual user permissions, users can also be identified, categorized, and given permissions based on user groups. All permissions are defined by the System Administrator. Depot Manager displays the name of the currently logged-on user in the upper right corner. This is also where users log out.


The System Administrator creates users, and can assign users to user groups. Permission levels give users the ability to access and configure the system. Administrators have the ability to add, edit, delete, deactivate, and reset users in the system.

Adding Users

  1. Click Administration > Users and Groups > Users to open the User Management window.
  1. Click to open the Create a New User Account window.
  2. Enter account information for the new user account, including user name, password, email address, and phone number.
  3. Click Create. The Edit [username] window appears to allow for Permissions configuration.

NOTE: User group permissions and individual user permissions

If you assign a user to a user group, then that user is restricted to the permissions that are assigned to that user group. Individually selected user permissions no longer apply.

Creating User Permissions

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the user’s name, then select Edit. The Edit [username] window appears.
  2. Click + to select the Permissions tab.
  3. Click to select permissions, then click Save.