Depot Manager Tutorial 03:

Discovering/Adding Devices


Devices (recorders that are installed on vehicles) on the network are usually automatically discovered by Depot Manager when the server starts. Discovered unknown devices must be configured to be added to the active/available list. If devices are not automatically discovered, usually because of network limitations, they must be manually added. Only the Administrator can add devices to the Active list.

Automatically Discovering Devices

Depot Manager automatically discovers devices on the network when the services are running. Devices automatically connect to the server when they have been configured with unicast, multicast, or broadcast discovery addresses.

Configuring Auto Discovery Settings

These settings determine how devices are automatically discovered.

  1. Click Administration > Depots to open the Depot Management window.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu next to the desired depot to open the Settings – [depot name] window.
  3. Click to select the Auto Discovery tab.
  4. Select an Auto Discovery setting for automatically finding IP devices in the depot. The Auto Discovery settings are: MulitcastUnicast, and Broadcast.
  1. Click Save.
  2. (Optional if the depot settings have changed.) Restart Depot Manager manager services via the Windows Server service control panel. See the Network and Server Setup Administration Guide.


When selecting how Depot Manager automatically finds IP devices, you can select from Multicast, Unicast, or Broadcast.

Select Multicast when you have a flat network where the server and devices share the same subnet, with no routers in between. The valid multicast range is: 224.0.0 to MobileView recorders are configured to use port 1601 by default.

Select Unicast when multiple networks are used with a router between the devices and the server. Any port is valid as long as it is not being used on the network.

Select Broadcast when you want to simultaneously transmit a data packet to multiple network devices. The broadcast address is

Automatically Discovering Devices

Devices are automatically discovered when they are configured with the correct discovery address. They appear in the Unknown Devices list.

  1. Click Devices on the main menu to open the Devices window.
  2. Click More, then select Manage unknown devices to open the Manage unknown devices window.
  3. Click the corresponding check boxes to select devices, then click the Add to active list button to add the devices to the active list, then click OK.

Manually Adding Devices

If devices are not automatically discovered, you must manually add them to the server. When you manually add devices, they appear in the Active/Available list.

  1. Click Devices to open the Devices window.
  2. Click the Add device icon ( + ). The Add Devices window opens.
  3. Select a depot, a vehicle group, and a device type from the drop-down menus.

NOTE: Creating New Vehicle Groups

Depot Manager contains a default list of vehicle groups. You can create your own through Maintenance > Vehicle Groups. See Creating New Vehicle Groups below.

  1. Enter a serial number and a name.
  2. Select the LAN address connection method, either a LAN address or a Host name, and then enter the appropriate information.
    1. Enter an IP address and Port OR enter a Host name and Port.
    2. Ping the address/host name to ensure the connection.
  3. Select the Cellular Address connection method, either a LAN address or a Host name, and then enter the appropriate information.
    1. Enter a LAN address and Port OR enter a Host name and Port.
    2. Ping the address/host name to ensure the connection.
  4. Select the streaming type from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Save. The added device appears in the active list.

Creating New Vehicle Groups

Vehicle groups are important for diagnostics. You can create a diagnostic search based on the vehicle type, for instance, if a certain type of vehicle has a certain problem or component.

  1. Click Maintenance > Vehicle Groups to open the Vehicle Groups window.
  2. Click + to open the Add Vehicle Group window.
  1. Enter a vehicle group name, then click Add Vehicle Group.