4-Channel, High-Definition DVR


This page is where you can find training and documentation resources for our DH4 and DH4C series of video recorders. We created this page to be a central location for resources like the latest product news, release notes, user and installation guides, and more.

If you are a DH4 or DH4C customer, be sure to bookmark this page to remain up to date with the latest training and support content.

Download DH4C Spec Sheet

  • DH4C Released to Market: 17 Jul 2020
  • DH4 Release Date: Summer 2020
  • Evidence Manager Requirement: v3.4.0 and up
  • Depot Manager Requirement: v3.4.1 and up
  • Commander Requirement: v5.26 and up

Latest DH4/4C News

DH4 is now available!

23 Apr 21

The DH4 DVR is now available. User guides, install guides, and all other support content are now available for download from the Safe Fleet Community.

DH4C v1.1.0.36 firmware release

05 Feb 2021

A new firmware is available for the DH4C DVR. This release provides important product enhancements and bug fixes. Details of this release can be found in the customer release notes.

DH4/4C Support Resources

In this section, you’ll find our DH4/4C support and training resources. This section was designed to give you the most relevant documentation and support content for the DH series recorders. As new documents, firmware files, or software updates (that affect the DH4/4C) get released, you’ll find the latest content in one of the tiles below.

DH4/4C Recorder Guides & Spec Sheet

Here are a collection of user & install guides for the DH4 and 4C recorders. We’ve focused this section on recorder documentation only.

DH4/4C Camera Guides

To make finding information easier, we've gathered all of our DH4/4C compatible camera documents here. These are the only cameras suppored by the DH series recorders.

DH4/4C Accessory Guides

We've collected all of our DH4 and 4C compatible accessory guides in one place for your convenience. If an accessory is listed here, then it is compatible with the DH4/4C.

DH4/4C Software Guides

The following software products and associated user guides are compatible with the DH4/4C.

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DH4/4C Firmware Downloads

coming soon

DH4/4C Questions & Answers

As our support team fields more questions from our customers, we'll curate a list of Frequently Asked Questions and display them here for your reference. In addition to our FAQs, we also have a DH4/4C Knowledge Base. KB articles are written to provide troubleshooting instructions for commonly asked technical questions, where as FAQs typically don't have detailed instructions or troubleshooting steps.


If I switch from a TH4C to a DH4C, can I reuse the previous GPS antenna?
No, the DH4C has a new GPS antenna and is not compatible with the previous antenna used on the TH4C.
If I want to get WiFi functionality with the DH4C, do I need to pair it with a Smart Reach device?
No you do not need to pair it with Smart Reach. DH4C now has WiFi capabilities built in, which eliminates the need to have an external WiFi device. However, the DH4C does still support the Smart Reach WiFi modem if you wish to re-use your existing device.
Your product has Op Voltage rated between x VDC and y VDC but my system does not always function when my battery measures between those values.

Operating voltages are as measured at the terminals of our equipment and not at the terminals of the vehicle battery.  There is always some amount of wire and cabling between the battery terminals and our powered equipment. 

The length and gauge of that wiring is not something we can control and there will always be some voltage drop depending on those factors.  As such, voltage measured at the terminals of our equipment will be somewhat less than that measured at the battery terminals.  If voltage drop is greater than expected, consider increasing the wire gage or shortening the wire length or both.

KB Articles

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We just launched this product. No KB articles have been written yet, but stay tuned for articles in the near future.

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