CMPS Report Builder 03

Editing Custom Reports

Your Reports can be customized through the Fast Report Online Designer tool. This tool gives you the chance to edit the visual aspects of your Report as well as the text content of its fields.

Editing Layout and Structure

The Online Designer shows six different toolbars which contain many elements that will help you customize the design of your Report.

  • The Home toolbar allows you to add or remove columns and rows, edit fonts, alignment, borders and fill colour of cells. To do so, click on the section you want to edit and enter the preferred parameters in the toolbar.
  • The Layout toolbar allows you to group or ungroup elements while the View toolbar provides the option to edit grids and guides in your document.
  • The Components toolbar holds several objects such as pictures, shapes, lines, tables, check boxes, etc., that you can add to your report. When you click on them, these objects appear on the upper-left corner of the visible area of the document but you can later drag them to the preferred position. If you right-click on the object, a window showing optional features is displayed.
    You can also drag and drop objects from the tool bar onto the position you want.
    Components placed in the template can be edited by clicking on them and selecting the preferred parameters on the Home tab.
  • The Bands toolbar allows you to add structural sections, or Bands, such as Title, Summary, Header, Footer, etc., to your Report. This toolbar is especially useful when you want to start your own Report from scratch since it automatically arranges the selected items following a hierarchical organization. This means you don’t have to worry about deciding the location of your sections. 
    To add Bands to your Report:
    1. Click on Bands.
    2. Click on the preferred type of Band you want to add. You will notice how these Bands appear in the appropriate location.
  • You can also add Child Bands (dependent Bands located underneath other existing Bands) or delete existing Bands following identical steps. To add a Child Band or to delete an existing Band:
    1. Right-click on the selected Band.
    2. Click Add Child Band or Delete within the pop-up window as needed.

Editing Content

In addition to its structure and the way your report looks, the Online Designer also allows you to edit the content of the Fields as you need. To edit the content of a Field:

  1. Double-click on the Field.
  2. After the Edit Expression window appears, type the new text.

Data Cells need information loaded from the Data Sources. These are located on the left side of the online designer within the data tree, but they also appear by double-clicking on the Data cells. To input Data:

  1. Double-click on the selected Data Cell. The Edit Expression window will appear.
  2. Pull-down the Data Sources tree within the window by clicking on the + symbol next to it.
  3. Find the appropriate Data Source and click on it.
  4. Click Add and then OK. The Data Source will show in the selected cell.
  • If the Data cell is already filled, you can still edit its content. The process is almost identical but you will need to delete the old source before adding a new one (between steps 2 and 3). You can also drag and drop a Data Source into a Data cell. To do so:

    1. Click on the Data tree icon located on the left side of the online designer.
    2. Pull-down the Data Sources tree by clicking on the + symbol next to it.
    3. Find the appropriate Data Source and drag and drop it into the selected Data cell.

Previewing and Saving Your Report

You can always preview the report after editing any of its features by clicking on the Preview button on the Report tab. Once you have finished editing your report click on the Save button on the same Report tab.