CMPS Report Builder 01

Generating Reports with Report Builder

The Report Builder tool, accessible within the Compass Reports module, allows users to generate customized Reports based on available types know as Master Reports.

When accessed, the Report Builder menu displays two different areas: The Master Reports section shows the Comprehensive Reports and the District Reports section holds those reports that have been created by the users and may be customized.

Generating Reports with Report Builder

To create Reports through the Report Builder:

  1. Click on the Report Builder tab on the left side of the screen.
  2. Choose the Comprehensive Report type you want to create (Stop, Student, Run or Route Report) under Master Reports and click its corresponding View symbol.
  1. Enter the information in the Required Fields. These fields show a Required tag highlighted in red underneath the text box and a star next to the name of the field. Data for these fields, such as Scenarios or Schools, is loaded from Compass Route Builder. Some fields, including the required fields, work as pull-down menus that show all the available options. If necessary, you can also manually enter additional information in other fields.
  2. If preferred, select any available Additional View Options before viewing your Reports:
    • You can paginate your Comprehensive Student Reports by clicking on the Paginated Display.
    • You can create Comprehensive Stop Reports with student information presented in additional rows by clicking on the Show Student Information button.
    • You can add Directions and show Student Information and a Map in your Comprehensive Run and Route Reports by clicking on their respective buttons.
  1. Click the View Report button located at the bottom to generate your Report.