CMPS Comprehensive Reports 07

Understanding Route Reports

The Comprehensive Route Report document contains Route information pages and more detailed Run information pages.

The Run information pages also show details about each Stop.

Route Information

The Route information pages display two different sections:

  1. The first section includes the report header followed by Route name, Effective Date, Depot and Vehicle assigned to the Route.

2. The second section lists the Runs included in the Route and their specific IDs, First and Last Stop times, number of stops, deadhead duration and mileage, and total number of students, followed by school name, arrival times and duration.

Run Information

The Run information pages can have different sections depending on the options you choose before viewing the document.

1. The first section shows information about the Run that includes:

    • Run ID.
    • Vehicle ID.
    • Schools and total number of Stops included in the Run.
    • Duration.
    • Route name and Depot.
    • Distance between first and last Stops and total distance.
    • Total number of Students.

2. The second section shows information about each Stop included in the Run:

    • Stop address and ID.
    • Number of students picked up and dropped off at the Stop.
    • Time planned for that Stop.

3. A third section displays a table showing detailed information about the Students assigned to each Stop of the Run. This section will be visible only if you select the option Show Student Information before viewing the report.
This information includes:

    • Student’s ID, Name, Grade and Gender.
    • Emergency Number.
    • Residence Address.
    • Attending School.
    • Special Needs.
    • Effective Date and End Date.
    • Total Onboard Students.

4. A fourth section shows the directions planned for that Run. This section will be visible only if you select the option Show Directions before viewing the report.

5. If you choose the option Include Map before viewing the report, you will also get a map of the Run located between sections 1 and 2. This map shows numbers indicating the order of the Stops included in the Run.

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