CMPS Comprehensive Reports 04

Creating Stops, Run and Route Reports

Access Comprehensive Stops, Run and Route Reports

The Runs drop-down menu holds the Comprehensive Route, Run and Stops Report tools. To create these Reports:

  1. Click the Runs drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Comprehensive Report you want to create, i.e., Comprehensive Stops, Comprehensive Run or Comprehensive Route, by clicking on it. All of them show the same comprehensive report icon.

Information Input and View Options

  1. Enter the information in the Required Fields. These fields show a Required tag highlighted in red underneath the text box and a star next to the name of the field. Data for these fields, such as Scenarios or Schools, is loaded from Compass Route Builder. Some fields, including the required fields, work as drop-down menus that show all the available options. If necessary, you can also manually enter additional information in other fields.
  2. You can select Additional View Options before viewing your Reports.
  3. You can create Comprehensive Stop Reports with more detailed Student information presented in additional rows by clicking the Show Student Information button.
  1. You can also Show Directions and Student Information, or Include Map in your reports by clicking the corresponding buttons on the lower-left corner of the Comprehensive Run and Route Report dialogs.

View Report

Click View Report below to generate your Report.