Tracking Vehicles in Real Time

To begin real-time tracking using AVL, log into the Compass Route Builder application and choose your Scenario. Then:

  1. Click on the Vehicles tab.
  2. Check the With AVL/GPS box.
  3. Click Find. All vehicles that are equipped with AVL will appear in the list. Select the vehicle to be tracked.
  4. Click Add to Watch. The vehicle(s) you selected will load in the AVL Module.
  1. Click on the AVL tab. The vehicle(s) you selected will appear in the Vehicle Watch List.
  2. Click the Start button to begin tracking vehicles in real time.
  1. The AVL module will show Listening For Messages, indicating that the system is monitoring for real-time activity.
    Click Stop to stop tracking in real time.

Vehicles with real-time GPS activity will show up as yellow dots on the map. If you hover your mouse over a yellow dot, you’ll see information about that vehicle, including the vehicle name, device ID and speed and direction of that vehicle.

  1. Click the Search icon in the Vehicle Watch table to highlight the vehicle on the map. The vehicle icon will change to a red dot.