CMMD View Fleet 03

Viewing Devices Requiring Attention

The Health dashboard widget panel shows a list of devices requiring attention. Hard Drives Requiring Attention display when HD is unlocked, turned off or removed from the DVR. Cameras Requiring Attention display after video loss events. GPS requiring Attention display when GPS data from DVR has not been detected.

To view a table with more detailed information:

  1. Click on the Health Dashboard Widget panel on the main screen to access the Health Quick View that opens below.
  2. Click on the column headers to sort the information entries as preferred:
    • Vehicle ID.
    • Type: Notification types, as specified above for the widget panel (DVR Hard Drives, Cameras or GPS receivers requiring attention).
    • Occurrences: Number of times any of the devices has reported requiring attention.
    • Details: Identification of cameras requiring attention.
  1. You can navigate through the Health Quick View list by means of the Page tool located at the bottom, and select from 5 to 100 entries to be displayed.