CMMD View Fleet 02

Viewing Alarms and Status

The Alarms dashboard widget panel shows triggered alarms and their type and download status. Pending indicates that Alarm video or archive download is scheduled. Completed indicates that Alarm video or archive download is complete. Error reveals that download failed. And Not Schedule means lack of download configuration in Fleet Settings.

To view a table with more detailed information:

  1. Click on the Alarms Dashboard Widget panel on the main screen to access the Alarms Quick View that opens below.
  2. Click on the column headers to sort the information entries as preferred:
    • Vehicle ID.
    • Alarm: Type as created in Fleet Settings.
    • Details: Date and Time when alarm occurred.
    • Status: Download status as specified above for the widget panel (Completed, Pending, Incomplete, Error or Not Scheduled).
  1. You can navigate through the Alarms Quick View list by means of the Page tool located at the bottom, and select from 5 to 100 entries to be displayed.
  1. If needed, click any of the Actions icons located on the right of the Quick View panel to:
    1. Play Video in vMax View or DS2 Mini Player (see details below).
    2. Open Video File Location.

IMPORTANT: Video Players

Two different video players can be launched from Commander:

    • Most video files in Commander, such as those recorded by TL, NX or TH DVR systems, need the vMax View application for playback.
    • However, when files are recorded by a DS2 system, Commander will launch the DS2 Mini Player.

In order to view both types of files, users need to have the corresponding applications installed.

Be aware that the interface and features present in these two players are different:

  1. vMax View Video Player
  1. DS2 Mini Player

IMPORTANT: DS2 Mini Player

If you need to install the DS2 Player application, visit the Downloads section on the Safe Fleet Community Site.