CMMD View Fleet 01

Viewing Vehicle and Status

Commander displays a summary of connected fleet data through the available dashboard widgets but it also allows users to access more detailed information, and even perform certain types of actions.

Dashboard filters can be used to select the appropriate dates of interest, groups or vehicles to display the corresponding summaries within the widget panels, i.e. General, Alarms, Health and Downloads.

Viewing Vehicle and Status

Remember that the General dashboard widget panel shows vehicles in the system and their network connection and service status. In this sense, Connected/Disconnected indicates connection with Commander network status. Overdue indicates no connection for over 48 hours. And Out of Service indicates that vehicle needs to be repaired.

To view a table with more detailed information:

  1. Click on the General Dashboard Widget panel on the main screen to access the General Quick View that opens below.
  2. Click the column headers to sort the information entries as preferred:
    • Vehicle ID.
    • Status: Connected, Disconnected, Overdue or Out of Service, as specified above for the widget panel.
    • Yard ID: Vehicle parking area.
    • Time to Shutdown: Indicates time for the DVR to power off.
    • Last Seen: Last time DVR was connected to Commander network.
  1. Navigate through the General Quick View list with the Page tool located at the bottom, and select from 5 to 100 entries to be displayed.
  1. If needed, click any Actions button on the right of the Quick View panel to:
    1. Access Live View and the DVR Interface in vMax Web. This requires Internet Explorer version 11. Older versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with our latest DVR models.
    2. Set an Out of Service calendar (start and end dates) for any specific vehicle.
    3. Access Fleet Settings to edit Vehicle information, DVR or Alarm settings.