CMMD Search 02

Understanding Vehicle Search results

Once the Search is done, users can display the results on a Map View, a List View or a Split View (like in the figure below) by clicking on the view selection buttons on the right side of the screen.
The Split View shows the Map (1) and the List (2) at the same time, and users can modify the views proportions by dragging the separation line up and down with the mouse cursor.

Map View

The Map View shows arrows that represent movement direction of those vehicles that were included in the search and selected afterwards. Different vehicles are assigned different colors.
Other icons may disclose various warning messages such as Data not Downloaded or No Records Found.
Vehicles to be displayed on the map can be selected by clicking on their corresponding colored arrows that appear on the Search results window.

Start and End icons indicate where the Vehicle has traveled from and to during the selected time interval.

Hovering the mouse on any icon displayed in the results map (track arrows or other events) discloses Date and Time at that specific point.

Clicking on the icon shows the Vehicle ID and more specific data at that location (date, time, speed, direction and coordinates).

Right-clicking on the icon sets a initial point for video download.

Alarm events display when alarms set on the DVR have been triggered. Camera Requiring Attention display after video loss events occurred. Hard Drives Requiring Attention display when HD has been unlocked, turned off or removed from the DVR. GPS Requiring Attention display when GPS data from DVR has not been detected.

List View

The List View displays a table showing the Vehicle ID, Driver, Direction, Latitude and Longitude coordinates, Speed, Event Types, Value, Date and Time of the event, Route and address and map location Action buttons.

Clicking on the first Action button (on the left) discloses address information of the corresponding event.

Clicking on the second Action button (on the right) makes the icon bounce in the map so it can be easily located.

While searching, a new Dashboard button appears on the top bar of Commander. This button allows you to quickly return to the Dashboard view by clicking on it.