CMMD Fleet 08

Adding and Editing Video Categories

Video Categories show Retention periods assigned to Video Downloads, i.e., the number of days after which downloaded video files are automatically deleted and placed in the recycle bin.
The Video Categories tab includes a Show Filters button (A) that allows users to filter the list by Category Name, Activity Status, Retention or Notes.
Users with administrative privileges can create new Video Categories by clicking the Add button (B) or configure existing ones by clicking the Edit button (C) next to the corresponding category entries.

To Add or Edit Video Categories:

  1. Click Add or Edit as required. The Category dialog opens.
  2. Enter or edit the Category Name.
  3. Select Keep Indefinitely if No Retention is to be assigned.
  4. Otherwise, enter the preferred Retention period.
  5. Add any additional Notes in the text-box if needed.
  6. Click Save.