CMMD Fleet 07

Adding and Editing Zones

Remember that Zones are shaped map areas that users can create in Commander to monitor Vehicle and Driver activity within certain areas of interest. See Searching by Zone and Setting a Custom Zone to review this topic.
Under Zones, click on the Add button if you want to add a new Zone or click on an existing one (underlined) to edit its corresponding information.

Adding a New Zone

Once you have clicked the Add button the Zone window appears. Then:

  1. Click on the Draw Zone button. This will activate the drawing tool.
  1. Click on up to eight different boundary points on the map to select the preferred Zone. After selecting three points, which define a triangle, the new Zone can be created by double-clicking on the last point. However, you can still click on more points (up to 8) if you need a more precise delimitation.
  2. After outlining the Zone by setting the appropriate number of points, double-click on the last point. The Zone will be created.
  1. Add a Zone ID (required) and a Description (optional).
  2. Click Save.


Users have the ability to draw previously identified areas where GPS signal is repeatedly too weak and classify them as GPS Failure Exclusion Zones. This can be especially helpful when vehicles are driven through maintenance garages or other areas surrounded by high buildings, which can be prone to this type of issues. By using exclusion Zones, the system ignores GPS failures within those areas and does not trigger GPS Requiring Attention alerts.

To create a GPS Failure Exclusion Zone:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 4 explained in the previous section for the creation of a new one.
  2. Select GPS failure exclusion zone.
  3. Click Save below.

Editing an Existing Zone

To edit a Zone that was already created:

  1. Enter a new one in the corresponding text box if you want to change the Description.
  2. If you need to redefine the area, click Edit Zone and drag the points to a new preferred location.
  3. Click the Finish button.
  4. Then, click Save.