CMMD Archive 02

Adding Schedule Downloads

The Archive Manager allows users to directly add Schedule Downloads with the Add button. These can always be scheduled once or configured to have a weekly or monthly recurrence. To review how to configure the Recurrence in detail, see the section Scheduling Download.

To Add a new Schedule Download, access the Schedule Download tool by clicking the Add button on the upper-right corner of the Archive Manager window.

When the new Schedule Download window opens:

  1. Enter the appropriate File Name. If you do not enter a file name, the default name (ID number) will be applied to the archive.
  2. Select the video Download Category. Notice that the Vehicle was already selected. Categories and Vehicles are required fields.
  3. Enter any necessary Notes.
  4. Select the Priority to be assigned. High priority allows downloading video before any other data.
  5. Select Low or High video Resolution and the Cameras from which video will be downloaded. Check All if you want to select all cameras.
  6. Select the Recurrence of the Scheduled Download. You can review this topic in more detail in the previously explained Scheduling Download section (Archiving Video from Search Results).
  7. Configure Email Notifications (selecting after which download events emails will be sent), and add the appropriate email recipients.
  8. Finally, click Save at the bottom of the menu. The Schedule Download will now show in the Archive Manager list if the file is meant to be downloaded only once, or in the Recurring Archive list, if the Recurrence is set to weekly or monthly.