Cloud Courier Online Help

Safe Fleet Cloud Courier is a cloud-based evidence sharing system that provides a quick, easy, and secure method for agencies to share evidence with interested outside parties.
This guide is intended for the recipients of shared evidence and describes the typical workflows for accessing, viewing and saving shared evidence.


Accessing Safe Fleet Cloud

Once the requested evidence has been uploaded to the Safe Fleet Cloud, the system sends a notification email to the specified recipients. To access the evidence shared with you, you must have Safe Fleet Cloud login credentials.

Activating a Safe Fleet Cloud Account

If this is your first time receiving shared evidence, you will receive a welcome email in addition to the shared evidence notification email. You must use the welcome email to activate your Safe Fleet Cloud account before you can access shared evidence.

To activate a Safe Fleet Cloud account:

  1. Open your email client and look for a message from Safe Fleet Cloud with the Activate account subject line. NOTE: If the message is not in your main email folder, check other folders (Spam, Trash, etc.) as well.
  2. Click the message to open it. The interactive Welcome! page constitutes the body of the message.

NOTE: Activation link

Activation link in the email message you receive is valid for 1 hour.
If you click the link after its validity expires, you will receive a new account activation message.

  1. Click the Activate Account button. The Safe Fleet Reset password page is displayed with your email address prepopulated.

NOTE: Selecting a password

Passwords are case-sensitive and must contain at least 6 characters, one lowercase and one uppercase character, a number, and one special character, such as #.

  1. Select a secure password and type it in the Password field, then type it again in the Confirm password field.
  2. Click Reset. The Reset password confirmation page is displayed.

Your Safe Fleet Cloud account has been activated, and now you should be able to access shared evidence.

Accessing Shared Evidence

Once your request for evidence has been fulfilled by the agency, and you have created a Safe Fleet Cloud account, you can access shared evidence on the Safe Fleet Cloud Courier page.
To access shared evidence:

  1. Open your email client and look for a message from Safe Fleet Cloud with the File Availability Notice subject line.
  2. Click the message to open it. The interactive File Availability Notice page constitutes the body of the message.

NOTE: Expiration date

Note the date beside File Access Expiration. This is the date after which you will no longer be able to access shared evidence unless its expiration date is extended.

  1. Click the Click Here button. The Safe Fleet login page is displayed in your default browser window.

NOTE: Supported browsers

The following browsers are currently officially supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari.

  1. Enter your email address and password, and then click Log in.

NOTE: Forgotten password

If you forgot your password, click the Forgot your password? link, then follow the prompts to reset your password.

Navigating the Safe Fleet Cloud Courier Page

This section describes how to navigate the Cloud Courier page and change its appearance to suit your needs. Once you log in to Safe Fleet Cloud, the Safe Fleet Cloud Courier page is displayed. It contains the list of available shared evidence.

Shared Evidence List

  • To change the way the list of shared evidence is displayed, perform one or more of the following tasks:
    • To sort the list in ascending or descending order, click the desired column heading.
    • To filter the list, start typing in the fields under column headings, or select a desired option from the available drop-down lists.
    • To hide or show the filters on this page, click the funnel icon .
    • To limit the list to only active, or only expired shared evidence, make a selection from the Show drop-down list.

NOTE: Expired shared evidence

Shared evidence that has expired will remain on the list for 90 days for your reference, but will no longer be accessible.

  • To review the evidence of interest, find it on the list, and then click the eye icon in the ACTIONS column. The shared evidence page is displayed.

Left-hand Side Panel

  • To go back to the list, click the Shared Evidence button.
  • To access online help, click the Help button.
  • To exit Safe Fleet Cloud, click the Logout button.
  • To collapse the side panel, click the double-arrow button in its top right corner.