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Around Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) System


This page is where you can find training and documentation resources for our InView 360HD AVM System. We created this page to be a central location for resources like the latest product news, release notes, user guides, and more. If you are an InView 360HD customer, be sure to bookmark this page and visit often!

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  • Released to Market: 29 June 2020

Latest News

InView 360HD is now available!

10 Jul 20

The InView 360HD has just been launched, along with this dedicated 360HD page on Safe Fleet Community. Stay tuned to this section for future product updates as they become available.

360HD Support Resources

In this section, you’ll find our 360HD support and training resources. In our Documentation section, you’ll find user and install guides for the 360HD hardware and software. If you need to download a copy of the 360HD calibration tool, you can find it in the Downloads area. And if you’re looking for content like videos and tutorials, you can find it in the Training section. 

User Documents

Here are a collection of user & install guides for the 360HD system and its supported accessories.

Training Videos

Our latest NH16 firmware files, as well as other supporting software files are available here.


The latest version of the 360HD calibration tool, as well as any other 360HD related software can be found here.

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360HD FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the InView 360HD. Do you have an 360HD question that you'd like to ask? Use the form on the right to submit your own question and help grow our site so that it may help future customers and community users.

Does the inView 360HD system come with a monitor?

The monitor is not included with the system and must be ordered separately.

Can the inView 360HD be connected to a Safe Fleet DVR? If so, which models?

Yes, the 360HD can be connected to the following DVR models:

  • NH16
  • TH series (8,6,4,4C)
  • DH series (4,4C)
  • DX series
  • TL series

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360HD KB

KB articles are written to provide troubleshooting instructions for commonly asked technical questions, where as FAQs typically don't have detailed instructions or troubleshooting steps.

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We just launched this product. No KB articles have been written yet, but stay tuned for articles in the near future.

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